MAY: I Be Done Packing…

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This is a story of a family who decided to make a change…part 1 of our journey can be found here.

Contract on the hiz-ouse!  It took a grand total of 9 days, for full asking price, closing on June 6th.  Considering we already bought plane tickets for June 7th. The planets have aligned.

Now it’s time to really get our packing on. We are 5 weeks out!

Meanwhile, I sent The Husband off to look for a rent home I found on Zillow.  He reported back that the neighborhood was great but the house was just meh.  Just so happens as he was leaving he noticed a “For Rent” sign in a yard one street over.  He called the number and 15 minutes later while I was having lunch at Papasitos in Houston with Seth I was filling out a rental application for that house…apparently it was perfect.

We got it!

Rent House

Look at all those trees…and a red door.   What a HUGE checkmark off the list!

Now back to our regularly scheduled packing programming.


The Husband came back to Houston one last time Memorial weekend to help with the remaining packing of the house.  The next time we would see him would be at the airport when we arrived in our new home state.


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