Friday Sanity Chat

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Hello old friend. It’s been a minute or two. I’ve missed you and I hope all is well. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we are finally able to find time to catch up.

There is never enough time, I know you can relate. When we don’t schedule these times there is a ton of stuff waiting in line shouting me…me…me…put me next.
So I choose you…you are next, you are my priority. How have you been? How is the family? Anything exciting on the horizon?

What has been going on with me you ask? Little bits of everything chipping away at each day. I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version:

  • We bought a house in NC. It is perfect for us. It checked most, if not all, of our boxes for a home. It is crazy after living in a rental for two years and undoing a lot of doing with our house in Houston, I still find myself hesitant to make this house my own. I’m coming around though. I did paint the half bath during a snow day in January. And I have another project in work for my “Reinvention Room”. GO me! (We will definitely have a chat about the purpose and design.)


  • I started a new job. I build schools…not literally but I am part of the team that designs and manages the builds. I like that I am involved in the community which was something I wanted to accomplish when we moved to NC.
  • The Husband and the Baron are continuing to grow the business and doing a fantastic job.


  • Sage started a new school and has a wonderful teacher. We could not be more pleased.
  • Seth is a teenager…THE END.
  • I lost my Grandfather in December. He was 86. I am finding comfort in the fact that he is no longer suffering and we have another angel to watch over the family.


  • New for 2017…we are adding to our family. NOPE! It is not a human. Our fur baby is coming home this weekend. We are beyond excited and if I’m being honest, we are all a bit on the nervous side with regard to the unknown. Ready or not…


  • We don’t have any vacations or travel planned yet…I am sure we will have several adventures this year but we need to acclimate to our new family member and vice versa. I’m thinking a few long weekend trips here and there will be in our future. A little bit of this:

and some of this:


Since we are all caught up what has changed that has allowed us to be able to meet up you ask? An effort to keep my sanity in tact.

I’ve discovered life has been running me.  If I don’t bring structure and preparation to my days they get away from me. Hence the crickets that have been chirping in this space for far too long. For me, structuring my day with a schedule means I get to pick the me’s instead of only dealing with the me’s that are screaming the loudest. It’s still a work in progress but we are here today and that makes me happy.

It is so wonderful to catch up. I can feel my sanity level normalizing.

Do you have a funny teenager story?
What kind of pet(s) do you have and what is their name?
Do you have any trips planned this year?

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