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This is a story of a family who decided to make a change…part 1 of our journey begins here.

Now that the house is in order I wanted to keep it that way and with two rambunctious boys the easiest way to do that was to keep them out of the house as much as possible.

I took the boys and a friend to Sky Zone. They had a blast playing dodge ball.  “If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball…”

SkyZone_Dodgeball SkyZone_Dodgeball2The following weekend we went to the beach and built sandcastles.

Galveston_SandcastleApparently sitting up to play in the sand is a lot of work…Galveston Creative Sandcastle BuildingEaster weekend the boys and I were off for Good Friday so I called up my bff Nic (she’s a sure thing) and asked if she was interested in a road trip to San Antonio.


I have lived in Texas my entire life, visited San Antonio several times, and never visited Natural Bridge Caverns. I knew if we didn’t go now it would never happen.

Nic, me, and the boys left Houston around 6:30 in the am, grabbed some breakfast and made our way to the caverns (about 3.5 hours away).

We arrived about 10a and bought our tickets for the next tour that was leaving in 30 minutes.

The caverns were amazing.  Photo dump ahead…

Natural Bridge Caverns_The Group Natural Bridge Caverns_w_Seth Natural Bridge Caverns_w_Sage Natural Bridge Caverns Natural Bridge Caverns2 Natural Bridge Caverns_Shadows Natural Bridge Caverns_Nic_Sage Natural Bridge Caverns3 Natural Bridge Caverns4

Natural Bridge Caverns_Seth Cavern H2O
Seth drinking water from the caverns.

Full disclosure…Seth took most of the pictures.  The tour lasted about an hour. We were beginning to get hungry so we set out to find lunch.

Yelp led us to Bracken Store.  (Apparently the restaurant closed in December of 2014 due to unresolved issues with the lease agreement).  What a shame.  The food was outstanding and the experience even better.  The kids devoured their food and who doesn’t love free chocolate cake for dessert!

IMG_2121After lunch we decided to visit the Wildlife Ranch, located next door to the caverns.


The Wildlife ranch is a drive through safari park. We stayed in our car, and fed the various animals from our window. For some reason I didn’t take any pictures…but these people did…

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch 20141026-048

Yep, if I HAD taken pictures they would have looked almost exactly like those.

We had a giggly time feeding the all the animals.  Well, Sage and Nic did.  Seth enjoyed the animal watching from the comfort of his rolled up window.

There are multiple routes in the park so we went through twice.


Our last stop of the day was at the Petting Barnyard.

You can see here…Seth was thrilled!

Petting Zoo_Wildlife_Ranch_Seth

Is that goat looking at me…
Wildlife Ranch_Nic feeding goat
Nic feeding an African Pigmy goat.

This little guy was caught sleeping on the job…Wildlife Ranch_Sleepy goatThe goats were hilarious and eating all the things. Paper bags, shorts, skirts…nothing was off limits.

We called it a day after the ranch and made it back to Houston around 9.

Nic spent the night (she lives about an hour away) and helped with packing most of the day on Saturday. (THANK YOU!)

Easter Sunday we made it back to the beach for more shenanigans.

Galveston_Easter Sunday Galveston Sand FightI couldn’t resist this one!Galveston_Sage's hineyWe made it back home in time for the annual Easter confetti egg smashing.Easter Egg Smash Easter Egg Smash2Two days later (April 22nd) we officially put the house on the market.

House For SaleLess than 24 hours later we had our first showing.

The month ended with a visit from The Husband.  He came to town to celebrate my birthday and to help with packing all the things in between the multiple showings.

One month to go…

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