MARCH: Madness

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This is a story of a family who decided to make a change…part 1 of our journey can be found here.

My brief escape to Arizona was perfectly timed. I came home on Sunday and powered right into Spring Break Contractor Week on Monday.

MARscheduleJPGWe needed a few contractors to finish up some of the big maintenance and time consuming tasks that they could get done with extra manpower. They stripped and stained the front door, redid the master bathroom ceiling (paint was peeling from the moisture), hung the ginormous canvases above the fire place, touched up paint in all the places, pressure washed the house and driveway, landscaped the front and back yards, and cleaned the carpet.

I found all of my contractors based on neighborhood recommendations through Facebook and I was not disappointed. The up-front planning and communication really helped make the week a success.

Of course there is a worksheet for that!

spreadsheet ContractorScheduleBy the end of the week I was exhausted and elated. So much was accomplished.

With the majority of the work done I focused on staging the house.  The plan was for the house to go on the market at the end of March.

Now I can finally show you the finished projects that seemed to take forever.  Mostly because of the procrastinator in me.  Nothing like…you are paying a person to hang pictures on this day to keep you motivated.

Canvases over the fireplace…

PCL_LivingRoom That is a HUGE space.  Now see why it took 8 years to put something there.  Those large canvases are 48″ X 60″.

Remember my inspiration…


Overall, I was very happy with the end result.  It took forever…mainly because I had to figure out the technique and I put it off as long as I could.  I’m no artist and there has to be a certain amount of motivation.  It was never perfect enough…perhaps I am an artist.

The staining of the table and chairs…


Here is the before…IMG_1675I was also happy with how the table came out.  The stain was easy and it took about two coats of everything and no sanding required.

I painted a canvas for the reading nook…


A closeup…IMG_1587

I LOVED…LOVED…LOVED how this turned out.  LOVE!

I staged the dining room…We MAYBE used this room a total of 4 times in 8 years.

dining romThe Master Bathroom: The print in this picture was in my office/guest room where no one saw it for 8 YEARS! It was perfect for the empty space. Also, check out the snazzy towel presentation, an idea I found on Pintrest.

MasterBath_PCLI highly recommend a power wash of the house/concrete as part of the yearly maintenance. It made such a difference and gave it that fresh new feeling.

backyardI added hanging baskets to take focus away from the neighbor’s house directly behind us. Outdoor curtains were in the plans at one time but ended up being something I never got around to.backyard2Clay pots that I had in the garage were spray painted for a pop of color.

houseQuite frankly this is the best our house has ever looked…just in time for us to leave.

We met with our realtor with the expectation that the house would go on the market by that weekend. After we toured the house we explained to her that we were leaving the state June 7th and it would be lovely if the house sold before then…but we can’t sell too soon as we did not want to be homeless between now and then.

Her input was that it was a sellers market, the Inventory was low, and she advised us to wait a month or there was a good chance we would indeed be homeless.

We agreed to wait until April and to give her a call a few days before we were ready to list.  That gave us a bit of breathing room in our schedule.

Over the next couple of weeks we focused on packing The Husband and his business for the cross country move.

Foiled Again! NC Bound!

At the end of the month we said our see ya soons to the Husband and wished him a safe journey. The business left on a moving truck, the car left on a hauler, and he left on a plane to officially lay the foundation for the rest of us to join him in June.

Apparently this is really happening….

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