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This is a story of a family who decided to make a change…part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 detail our journey

My main focus in February was to finish up the table and chairs, schedule contractors for the week of Spring Break, and continue to declutter and pack. Anything that we didn’t need in the near future was packed away and stored in the garage.


About the first week in February I realized we were actually going through with this. The Husband was officially leaving at the end of March to get the business up and running and the boys and I were staying behind to put the house on the market and finish up the school year.

That is a lot to deal with and I decided I needed some me time. I knew I was asking a lot from The Husband but it was important for me to get my mind right for the months ahead, leading up to and executing all the things.

I called up my bestie Nic and told her to clear her schedule…we were going on a trip and we would figure out the details in the next few weeks but we are going.

Being the BFF that she is she was totally up for an adventure.  I immediately started planning. It’s my favorite! I wanted to keep our cost down so I stayed within the confines of the Texas borders.  I wasn’t thrilled…I’ve been just about everywhere in Texas…ya know cause I lived here my entire life and all…and nothing excited me.  I thought about a cruise out of Galveston but I wasn’t completely on board (ha…ha…no pun intended) with all the botched cruises in the news recently.  There was Louisiana but I wasn’t interested in what sauce they had.  (That’s an inside joke.  Several years ago some friends and I went to Louisiana and we were ordering snow cones.  The girl was asking me what “sauce” I wanted repeatedly…I repeatedly told her strawberry.  Then my translator piped up after he could stop laughing long enough and told me she was asking what “size” I wanted).  So.

A week later I gave Nic some half hearted suggestions and I could tell she was less than thrilled as well.  Then she proceeds to lob one right over the plate…  Well that’s one I haven’t thought of before.  It ended up looking a little something like this…

IMG_1830We knocked it out of the park and it was everything I hoped it would be…and more!

Until next time!

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