JANUARY: Let the Projects Begin

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This is a story of a family who decided to make a change…part 1, part 2, and part 3 detail our journey.

A New Year promises new adventures.

During the Husband’s trip to North Carolina he found both a facility and temporary housing.

He rented a fully furnished 1 bedroom apartment.

apt_kitapt_livingrm apt_bathapt_Bedrm

And a 2500 sq ft facility for producing chocolately goodness.

facility2 (1)
Production area looking into the warehouse
facility2 (2)
Warehouse looking to the production area

Things are very much falling into place.

Meanwhile…back in Houston, I started on the long list of projects to get the house ready to sell.  (Nerd alert)  Now would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to my “RoadToNC” spreadsheet. (The dates correspond with weekends and half days and the red dates are vacation days I took off work.)


One of many takeaways from this experience…there is nothing like living in a house for 8+ years only to work extremely hard to make it look amazing right before you leave.

During the time we lived in the house I didn’t put much effort in coming up with ideas for the ginormous space above my fireplace. Often I would brainstorm while lying on the couch but there is always tomorrow…until there is not.

One day after many episodes of whatever HGTV house fixer upper show I was watching…Property Cousins Addicted to Rehabing while Buy and Selling Brothers…the light bulb came on. A CANVAS! It is affordable and I can bring in color. I immediately went online to find my inspiration…

IMG_1536Exactly what I had in mind!

The canvas project was actually started about three months ago.  I’m a most excellent procrastinator so it took me way longer than it should have…by about 6 months.

(This is where the before shot would go…but alas I was unable to find one.)

While the paint was drying I tackled our breakfast room table. The table was purchased in the mid 90’s when all things oak were popular. I love the table but it never matched our cabinets in the house so I decided to stain it darker.


Along with the projects I started the decluttering/packing process and of course made sure there was time for football and kiddos.

With the progress we made in January we were starting to think this might actually happen.

Up next…February shenanigans.

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