Full Steam Ahead…Except NOT!

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This is the story of a family who decided to make a change…Part 1 and Part 2 detail our journey.

Now that we have decided where we were going…POOF! It was so. We were running and skipping through the meadow with flowers in our hair wearing white flowing outfits marveling at our amazing decision. You’re amazing…no you are amazing…our kids are amazing…look at this amazing place….and then I woke up.

To begin…DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS BECAUSE THEY ARE HARD. The difficulty will serve to measure the best of your energies and skills.

When we got back to Houston we spent many hours planning the move in detail just to have a chance at accomplishing this monumental task.

One of the first decisions we agreed upon was to move the business separately from the household in an effort to minimize the workload and let the kiddos finish the school year.

What is this business I speak of?

The business of CHOCOLATE my friends! My Husband is the Head Honcho for Foiled Again! Chocolate Coins. (Says so on his business card)


Foiled Again! Chocolate Coins is the unrivaled source for the highest quality personalized 100% Belgian chocolate coins. His company will personalize your chocolate gold coins for wedding favors, corporate events, and just about any occasion at all. They’re not just good…They’re wicked good! (He made me memorize that…)


(That’s one shipping day during Thanksgivikah…looks like we’re going to need a bigger boat!)

The business lease conveniently ended in December 2013, as good as time as any to schedule a move across the country. The last two weeks of the year tend to be slower and cooler temps of winter meant he could forgo the expense of a refrigerated truck for the chocolate.

Full steam ahead…except not.

In mid-September of 2013 my company offered health screenings for employees and their spouses. The Husband and I decided to give it go. The tests were non evasive an included ultrasounds, a pin prick for blood, and a few additional machines that could detect things.

A few weeks later and our results came in the mail. We were both surprised to discover we both had masses on our thyroids. Well…that’s a problem.

Both the Husband and I went to our respective PCPs and they referred us for additional ultrasounds. My ultrasound came back clear, no concerns. The Husband had a different experience. He had an ultrasound and biopsy. The biopsy came back questionable and they referred him to MD Anderson Cancer Center.

I will spare the play by play but bottom line December 31st was no longer a viable date for moving the business.

The Husband went back to his landlord and explained the situation and requested to go month to month. Thankfully, the landlord was willing to work with us as long as he had 30 days notice of lease termination. What a BIG relief, HUGE…one less thing to worry about.

A few days before Christmas we received the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER… the masses they were benign and we were instructed to continue to monitor. Blessed!

We wasted zero time moving forward and promptly booked The Husband a trip to NC to find a new home for Foiled Again!

More still to come…hello January!


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