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It’s 2012, a Presidential election year, the Rs and Ds are in a standoff and we have squatters occupiers in several cities…occupying and claiming they represent the 99% with their views and “demands”.

Last night the Husband and I happened on the latest Republican debate. We had a brief discussion about who our choice was for the Republican nominee. He asked who I was leaning toward and I couldn’t answer. Yes, it’s still early but truth be told I don’t believe any of them are going to do anything different and the one eventually chosen elected will be the one that was agreed upon in a backroom deal of sorts. The puppet masters will decide what candidate gives them the most power and return on their investment at the expense of what the people and our country need and want.

Obama promised the sun, the moon and the stars and proceeded to put them out of reach. He promised more visibility with legislation and we discovered bills had to be passed in order to know what they contained. He promised job growth yet he made decisions that sent jobs to other countries. He promised Hope and Change. In my opinion he fostered a divided country instead of a united one.

I recommend reading this article from Seth Godin…Learning Leadership from Congress. Spot on Seth!

Lastly, the “occupiers”…dear sweet occupiers. I could go into a long diatribe but I won’t…but I will say this…although I commend them for “organizing” across the country, the lack of structure they hold so dear will lead to their demise. OH!…and you all do not represent me.

I opened this up to my Facebook and Twitter accounts…and it’s a leap.

I will close with this…my intent is to not offend. We have a problem with our elected officials going rogue (both R & D’s) as soon as they acquire their Washington seats. Something has got to change and we the people…the ones footing the bill…have an obligation to tell them they are doing it wrong.

These are the Chronicles of Reddaisy and so it is written.

What say you?

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