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Looky there…the first week of 2012 is done. I don’t know about you all but I’m glad to get back to the regularly scheduled programing that is my life. Christmas tree and décor was down and packed away on day two after Christmas! Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Christmas and the anticipation of events and the time spent with fam but when it’s over I’m ready to move on…quickly.

Things I’m lovin’ this week.

1. My brown boots. Thanks Santa. (I know him…)

I work in a chemical plant now…very different from the console of mission control at NASA but a great job none the less. My attire has gone from an array of skirts, dress pants (doesn’t the word slacks just make you think of the 70’s) and capris to jeans. Open toed shoes and high heels are not allowed and although I now own my first ever pair of steel toed shoes I do not have to wear them unless I go into a unit (admit it…the 12 year old inside is snickering right now) which to date has been a big fat NEVER. So boots are now a part of my everyday wardrobe and I now have a pair of black and brown ones. I am sooo cute!

2. The gym

Yes, I am a JR (January Re-Joiner)…three times this week (GO ME!). The first couple of days were mental. I thought for sure that everyone that I saw glance my way was judging me and I would talk myself down of the anxiety ledge. They prolly couldn’t give a rats patooty. If they did care I’m going to prove to their judgey judge a lot selves that I’m here to stay. AND I’ve made it to work on time…everyday…AND getting ready at the same time as the hubs has actually been pleasant. Before this week I would only get up after he left because I didn’t want him talking to me. (I’m not a morning person).

3. My 8 year anniversary


This is officially the longest marriage I ever had. (In a previous life (holy cow…10 years ago I may or may not have been married for 7 years). I received beautiful roses and a card. The hubs and I are partaking in a winery event this weekend. We get to prune the grapes ourselves, enjoy some eats and drink wine. Then we are going to watch the Texans win with actual people other than our kiddos. I may even order “nuclear wings” and wish for a time machine. (If you don’t watch Whitney…you totally should)

4. “Drinking with Strangers” by Butch Walker


Santa brought me a new book for Christmas…an actual book…with a hard cover and paper in the middle…it is very retro. Fortunately I am on the receiving end of my husband’s love for music. My current favorite bands would have past me by if I was left to the mercy of the radio play. If I recall the hubs was playing Butch when we were in his car and I was like…who is this and where can I get more? Now, go download all of his music from the following bands: Marvelous 3, 1969, Butch Walker, Butch Walker and the Let’s Go Out Tonightes, Butch Walker and the Black Widows…NOW. Then read his book…READ IT. He is a great writer. I would love to go kick back with a bottle or two of wine and be the room with greatness. He needs to come to Houston like this weekend or even better the hubs and I need to road trip it to one of his shows.

5. The “Do Over” feeling of a New Year.


Everyone handles the New Year differently and to each their own. To me the New Year is a do over, an opportunity to do it better than the last. I look forward to the year that is full of promise and possibilities I have to remind myself to stay in the moment and make the most of each and every one. Like the other night and the impromptu shadow puppet show with the hubs we laughed the entire time.

My day is complete…apparently Chaz Bono is ready to date again. I am beside myself.

Looking forward to weekend pleasures… Vampires, Wine, Texans Playoff Football, Wings!

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