Thank Heavens for 2011

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Organization…direction…completeness…these are the things I need in my life. Can I get an “amen” from the hubby.

This list is not a bunch of resolutions that will soon be forgotten in a month or two but goals that I want to accomplished/complete this year. Most of them have been hanging around for much too long.

2010 was a rather challenging year for me and I am in an effort to actually put into practice my motto “working to constantly better myself”…no “working on a better constant..” no…”working on a state of constantly bettering myself”…wait…”working on a constant state of self improvemnt” .  How sad that I had to look on my facebook account to remember my fav quote.  I need this to point me in a positive direction, set an example for my kiddos and be “available” to my fam.

This list does not by any means cover all aspects of my goals but it is a manageable starting point.

Here is my list…in no certain order and may be subject to additions as I see fit:

1. Lose 30 lbs by June 1st (that’s 6 lbs per month)
2. Get back to running 3 miles at one time, 2 X a week
3. Volunteer once a month
4. See Granny once a quarter
5. Finish all of the projects I have purchased and/or started (I will not add to my project list until those listed are complete!)
6. Declutter my office closet at the end of the year…clutter…clutter…clutter
7. Quarterly declutter with a trip to Goodwill

I will do quarterly checkups on my progress and reward myself for accomplishing the goals identified for the quarter with a $50 Visa card.

Here are the projects I have either started or committed to start:

1. Scott’s office – Q1
2. PMP Certification – Q1 – I’m going to give myself an extra $50 Visa card for this one…HUGE deal
3. Pictures in the hall – Q2
4. Crochet a blanket – Q2
5. Baby Stuff in swap shop – Q2
6. Scrapbook Russia pix – Q3
7. Mosaic – Q3
8. Curtain – Q4

Now that that is all on the table my 1st Quarter 2011 goals I will complete on or before March 31st include:

1. Lose 6 lbs
2. Volunteer 3 different times
3. Visit Granny once
4. Complete PMP Cert
5. Complete Scott’s Office
6. Increment my miles beginning with 1 in January and running 3 by March 31st
7. Trip to Goodwill or prep for swap shop

It is a weight off my shoulders just seeing the list and now I can move toward something.

Thank you Martin Luther King, Jr., the Presidents and meeting free Friday…7 days of ME time (hopefully) this quarter.

So internet…it’s out there…GO!

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