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Let me first apologize for the long absence.  A few days after the reunion it was pack and leave for vacation. 

Let me go ahead and get this out of the way.  Here are the pictures I promised.  I don’t have a good before pic, that isn’t grainy, nor did I take one from the reunion (more on that in a future post).  BUT…I do have something.  Here goes:

Before - June 2009
After - June 2010

That there is a 15 lb loss my friends.  How about those apples!! 

At one point I was down 20 but this picture was taken at the end of our vacay and I must admit I didn’t hold anything back in the food department.  I am very happy with my results.  I can’t believe the difference and I am excited to push myself further to see how far I can go.  No heroics just steady as she goes and sticking with eating clean and an exercise program 5 days a week. 

I have a couple of pictures from the reunion but I will save that for my reunion recap post.  I better get busy…I am behind on a few recaps. (of course I am…but that is changing soon).

This one is short and sweet.  I wanted to get the pix I had promised posted here to document my success. 

The journey continues…

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