We have liftoff!

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Strap in…we’re headed for a weekend of making new old friends.

Tonight is the pre-reunion party at Six Strings. One of the guys from our class lined up a couple of bands…one being…a band lead by a guy from our class. It will be a relaxed atmosphere and it sounds like peeps from other classes will be out there as well. I’m looking forward to it but sad the hubby decided to sit this one out.

Tomorrow is the more formal event at the Hyatt downtown. Much like the ten year…I’m sure it will be spent talking about the goings on at the pre-party.

My expectations aren’t life changing…high school was just a blip on the map of my life. No grudges to sort out or pining for old boyfriends. I’m going in laid back, with my social face on to enjoy the moment.

Did I reach my weight loss goal? More on that later…

This week has really been crazy. My oldest ended up getting a virus and the hubby and I tag teamed a week of taking care of him. At one point he came home from work…tagged me and then I was off to work overnight so I could stay home during the day. I know there are people that do that as a way of life…props and respect to you!

I mentioned before I’m studying for my project management professional certification and today I found a place so in need of efficiency it was painful…the DMV. I spent two hours sitting there to renew my expired license. Yes…I know I could have done it online and should not have let it expire but it is something that I didn’t think about and missed it. Guarantee I’m scheduling that bad boy on my calendar for eight years from now.

Seriously…I am thinking about coming up with a plan for them to reach a higher efficiency level in 18 months and pitching it to them. There were 15 ways that could have made a difference without any additional cost. But I digress. Anyone else looking for a project manager…I may or may not be free in the next month or so. All thanks go to Obama and his non-direction for the space program.

Ok…not going there today. I’m in a good mood.

So…my weight loss goal, I recall as I reread L-15 that it was 2 lbs per week for 15 weeks for a total of 30lbs. Well…I can tell you I did not reach a 30lb loss. But I did reach a 20lb loss!!

I’ve work hard and I’m super happy with my results. I haven’t taken pictures yet, those will come tomorrow and I plan on posting them on Monday. I’m fitting nicely into clothes that I haven’t worn in 7 years. They are even fitting better than they did back then.

Am I done…nope! California trip is next week. I am not planning on going too crazy this weekend and I will cut back on the carbs before we go as to alleviate any bloat factor as a result of this weekend’s festivities.

After our trip it will be back to it…I would like to take about 15 more off and work on lean muscle. It’s actually been a pleasant labor of effort. I’ve made time for me and I am totally motivated as I see the results on the scale and in my clothes. Knowing I’m getting healthier and setting an example for the kiddos isn’t a bad side effect either.

I am very proud of myself and I can’t thank my hubby enough for his support and encouragement. He’s looking good himself…but he always looks good.

I’m off for my only run of the week…I will melt but it will give me the lift I need for the reunion festivities.

Wish me luck!

Have an outstanding weekend and be safe!

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