L- 7 days

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Today calls for a bulleted list:

  • A week of late meetings, deadlines and rainy weather 
  • Foul moods do not make for a productive clean-eating, shredding week
  • On Wednesday morning I built myself a carb pyramid, it was one of THOSE weeks.
  • Wednesday afternoon I threw most of the carb pyramid in the trash.
  • Wednesday evening I couldn’t eat I was so miserable.
  • I had only a protein shake for dinner.
  • Thursday I was back on track and managed to get in a run and Shred.
  • My body thanked me for the exercise and clean food intake by allowing my energy levels to come back and my sinuses to drain less.
  • I brought my oldest to work with me today, this is the first time he has seen my work. We’ve had a lot of fun seeing “space stuff”.
  • He doesn’t understand the significance now but I hope he will appreciate that he had this experience.
  • My youngest is turning 2 tomorrow.
  • Where does time go?
  • I FAILED on all of my goals for the week.
  • I’m not concerned, I’m wearing size 8’s right now and I’m very happy with my progress thus far.
  • My fit initiative will not end at L-0 days as I have not reached my goal weight.
  • Breathing deeply.
  • One day at a time.
  • My goal for the week is only one…enjoy every minute of every day.

Have a great weekend.

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