L-2 Weeks

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Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was starting out with 15 weeks to go? Sure feels like it. But man…I sure don’t look like I did 15 weeks ago. No worries…pictures will be posted shortly after “launch” (the reunion).

Remember in my last post I said to indulge a little? Well…this chicka didn’t waste any time with “a little”. Let’s put it this way…there was some significant damage done by a certain someone to a lemon cooler cake from Costco. It was divine and I have not one regret. On Monday night when I ate my last GYNORMOUS piece…with a BIG OLE glass of skim milk, I went to bed miserable…freakin miserable. Sure the temp in the house was left warmer than normal but I was blaming it all on the cake and my body going…WHAT…THE…HECK! Needless to say I didn’t and still do not have a need to eat cake for a while.

I didn’t work out the entire holiday weekend either…I was kinda bummed about that so I pushed myself to complete my workouts this week.

I ran Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday, I went to change clothes at our gym and a big ole thunder clap sent me back to my car then on to the house in case the weather was clear on my side of town. No joy. I could have done the elliptical but I didn’t. I’ll make up for it on Saturday to get my fourth run for the week in.

Last Friday I graduated to level 2 on the 30 Day Shred. Oh good grief! Jillian loves her plank moves. I like it because it is challenging and different than level one. I can see definition in my legs…from all the squats…and my arms…especially my shoulders. For 20 minutes coupled with a 3 mile run it’s a perfect routine for me.

This weekend we have our first T-Ball meeting to form teams then 2 nights a week during the week will be filled with practice and games. Thinking about it…the month of June is going to be non-stop. My youngest turns 2 on the 12th, pre-reunion party on the 18th, reunion on the 19th, Father’s Day – 20th, Family vacation to California 23rd-29th, my oldest turns 6 on the 26th. Not to mention babies randomly being born…I better start a list.

Food has remained on track since Tuesday, although I did something I’ve never done before…I ate cauliflower and enjoyed it! We had two heads of cauliflower in the fridge so I decided to roast it and it goes like this:

Oven – 425

Chop the cauliflower and place in a baking dish, drizzle a bit of olive/sesame oil, throw in a bit of soy sauce, garlic and sesame seeds and bake for 40 minutes, stirring about halfway through. YUM-O-LICIOUS! I even ate the left over’s. AND I DON’T do raw cauliflower.

Recap of week 2 goals:
•12oz of water with every meal – FAIL
•Shred every day of the week – FAIL
•Limit carbs to 1 a day, before 3 – with only two weeks to go I’m going hard core. – FAIL

That was a big check mark in the FAIL column. Holidays…humprh…Let’s try again.

Goals for week 1:
•12oz of water with every meal
•Shred every day of the week
•Eat Clean everyday

Those are totally manageable.

I’m out to get my run in then shred. Have a great weekend.


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