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This week was a very good week. Today will be all about bulleted list…caust that’s how I roll.


  • Shredded 5 times this week (week being Sat-Fri) – Advanced from level 1 to level 2 on Friday. I’ll let you know how that went on Monday.
  • Ran 3 times this week (Mon, Tues, Fri), I would have liked to have gotten in a run on Thursday but I was fully booked.


  • I am very happy to report that I stayed on task with my meals all week. No cheating, no bad cravings and I feel great.

Here is what I primarily eat during the week:

  • Breakfast
    o ½ cup of old fashion oats
    o 1 tsp of walnuts
    o 1 scoop of Elite vanilla whey protein powder
    o 1 pkt of Stevia
    o Berry of my choice (this week it was blueberries)
  • Mid morning snack
    o I must say this week I skipped it mostly…oatmeal keeps me pretty full most of the morning
    o If I am hungry I’ll eat edamame or a protein bar
  • Lunch (my hubby calls this a freak sandwich)
    o All natural oven-roasted Turkey breast deli meat (or ½ of a chicken breast or a salmon patti)
    o A wedge of Laughing Cow
    o Sandwich Flat (100 calories)
    o ½ of red bell pepper
    o ½ Luna Bar for dessert
  • Afternoon snack
    o Other half of the Luna bar
    o Beef Jerky
    o Protein bar
    o Protein shake (when Jodie doesn’t eat all of the ice…sheesh…pregnant women) 😉
  • Dinner
    o 3oz salmon or ahi tuna filet
    o Broccoli
    o ½ chicken breast
    o Broccoli
    o Breakfast for dinner…(my fav)
     Egg whites
     Morningstar Sausage patty
     Ezekiel bread
  • Evening snack
    o Protein cake (hubby calls this one “freak cake”)
     1 scoop of Dessert protein powder – I have chocolate coconut now…heavenly
     ¼ tsp Baking powder
     1 TBL All natural applesauce
     1 pkt Stevia
     1 egg white
     Mix in a wide, deep cup and cook in microwave for 1:30 sec and you have yourself a nice little protein cake…that is almost as good as the real thing.
     The texture depends a lot on the protein powder you use…I’ve used several diff ones and the best results have been with the Dessert powder…just sayin.

Can’t take credit for that little gem…thanks janetha b!

Long and drawn out I know but I thought I should lay out what I’m stuffing in my pie hole.

I put on a size 10 capri’s on this morning and I need a belt to hold them up. It’s way awesome. Operation closet clean up is commencing tonight!

If you haven’t heard STS-132 landed yesterday…it was picture perfect…no really…here is a shot one of my colleagues’ took as she was there to witness landing…if she wasn’t so nice I would tell her she sucked. (I’m just jealous)

I am working on a separate post of all things STS-132 to commemorate my experience.

My oldest bestie (since we were 8 and 9) is coming into town this weekend and a bunch of us are meeting for a little din and shenanigans…I’m way excited. She was in town back in November and we hung out a bit. At one point in our friendship we didn’t talk for ten years. It’s crazy to think there is a reason you connect with someone and more than words can articulate…that reason is for them to be your lifelong friend.

I’ve managed to accumulate several “to do’s” for today so I better get to it.

The crew comes in at Ellington this afternoon and 4 and I’m planning on attending, I’ve never made an effort before, it seems that my opportunities are numbered so I’m going to give it a go.

Before I do…let’s discuss goals:

Recap of goals for week 3:
•12oz of water with every meal– with the exception of 1 or 2 so not EVERY (but doing better) – FAIL
•Shred every day of the week – All but 2 but still not EVERY day – FAIL
•Follow a clean eating meal plan without any deviations – WIN

Note: I’m not a black and white person…I’m about all kinds of shades of gray so even though technically I FAILED I still look at them as wins because I’m doing WAY better.

Goals for week 2: (gonna see some repeats)
•12oz of water with every meal
•Shred every day of the week
•Limit carbs to 1 a day, before 3 – with only two weeks to go I’m going hard core.

Wow…that was wicked long but I apparently had a lot I wanted to say.

It’s a holiday weekend…have FUN, indulge a little, be safe and I’ll catch you on the flip side of May!

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