Professional Maturity

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Look at me…I’m blogging way early in the week. I told you my schedule would free up. Not that I’m without stuff to do …I have stuff but I’m not really motivated to do any of it.

I am happy to report I am on day 8 of the 30 Day Shred. I’ve even been getting up at 4:30ish…ok…5 in the AM to get my shred on and then I’m able to run after work. It seems to be working out just fine…this week.

Speaking of running…last week I was struggling to run in the heat and looking back there was a combo of things…fueling properly, my lightening quick (faster than I should be going to sustain a consistent) pace and I blamed it all on the heat.

Since I have been struggling with the runs I decided that running during my lunch hour would help alleviate the heat excuse. On Monday, I had a couple of meetings and headed back to my desk to make sure I was good before I headed out when low and behold I had some work to do…and I had a choice…I could go run and do what needed to be done when I got back…but who knew how long it would take and I needed everyone in their brother to review the pitch and the reviewers are on a one hour earlier time zone OR…wait and run after work.

I made the professionally mature (I love that term) decision, stayed and did what I need to do, missing my opportunity to run in cooler temps.

At 4 I go out to the trails and I start out on my 3 mile run/walk and I’m feeling good, really good in fact. I get to the 1.5 turnaround and I’m still feeling strong. I am now attempting to figure out why it is that I’m feeling this strong after a week of struggling and things start to add up.

I ate properly, didn’t miss any meals and I drank my water. I’ve been shredding and I would like to think that had something to do with feeling stronger and then I noticed the lack of my shadow on the ground. YES! There was a cloud following me and not in a dismal, rainy kind of way. A cloud, that shaded me from the death rays of the sun, a glorious cloud that when the wind kicked up made everything a smidge cooler. I swear that cloud followed me from start to finish and kept the temps at least 5 degrees cooler. And I must also mention I intentionally kept a much slower pace than last week.

It could be a mere coincidence but I’m going to think of it as a reward for making a responsible decision earlier in the day.

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