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Someone is in single digits!!

That’s right. The fam went to the pool for the first time this season and I was hunting for my bathing suit. I pulled a storage box down from the closet that had all my “skinny” clothes and I didn’t find my suit but I found almost an entire new wardrobe!

Capri’s and shirts and more shirts…shirts that are perfect for our upcoming trip to California. Shirts to wear to wear to work…shirts I haven’t seen or fit into in over 3 years but are still totally in style…that’s how I roll. I’m a classic kind of girl.

I was even able to fit into a size 6…let me qualify…the “Kohl’s” definition of a size 6 which in my opinion is really a size 8. To prove my point I tried on my old school “Old Navy” jeans that are what used to be known as size 8’s and although I could fit into them I had a muffin top but I am well on my way to being muffin topless.

I was excited about my find and I plan on rearranging my closet on Friday…out with the old and in with the new old.

Two posts in one day…I’m on fire…I guess I should crack open my book and study for my PMP (Project Management Professional) exam.

Peace and Love!

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