L-4 Weeks

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No numbers to post this week…and why not…BECAUSE I’m not weighing myself anymore. YAY ME. Numbers don’t mean jack anyway.

What will matter is the before and after pictures I’m going to post to showcase my progress. I’m super duper excited about that.

This week has gone okay in the eating dept…I say ok because I was in training for three days and day one I did well…then day two and three happened. Let’s just say I indulged in the muffins and kolaches…although I didn’t over indulge and that is a positive. As soon as I got home I’ve been eating clean. Such is life.

Due to the time constraints of the week I decided to dust off my 30day Shred DVD. Am I weird that I like to feel the soreness of a good workout? Weird or not…I do. It reminds me of my accomplishment for the day.

I’ve ran twice this week and I’m fixin to embark on run number 3 as soon as this is posted. Man it’s getting hot. Yesterday was rather challenging. (I lied…I’m going to post some numbers) I adjusted my interval times to 2:1. I really missed that extra :30 of rest yesterday.

The STS-132 mission is going great and I got a nice surprise when I came in this morning…an email from space! If you think of it as just an email it’s no big deal but when you try and wrap your head around it…it’s pretty amazing. I never thought I would begin a sentence…”Life on Earth is…”. I have a cool job!

That’s about it…short and sweet for a change. But I can’t leave without a recap of goals.

Recap of week 4 goals:

•12oz of water with every meal – WIN (FINALLY)
•Follow the 14 day clean eating meal plan – FAIL
•Run at least 4 days and lift at least 3 days – half WIN (I changed my plans…I lifted on Monday then decided to Shred) I think that should still count.

Goals for week 3:
•12oz of water with every meal (gotta keep this one there to make it a habit)
•Shred every day of the week
•Follow a clean eating meal plan without any deviations

Off to get my run on…


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