L- 6 and L-5 Weeks

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Wow…Time flies when you sleep may or may not be an option busy.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve updated my progress and progress it has been.

L- 6w I successfully carb depleted. To be honest…it wasn’t as bad as the first time around and I’m down 6 lbs. Eating clean for the past month or so definitely helped ease the transition into a week with no carbs.

Now L-5w…I don’t even want to talk about it. But I’m going to…the last couple of weeks have been out of control crazy at work with launch prep. Launch prep meaning Space Shuttles…or just one in this case. As the lead Flight Data File (FDF) Coordinator for STS-132 my activities go into overdrive at about launch minus 3 weeks. Throw on top of that a kiddo with a double ear infection and “aunt flo” coming way earlier than expected…my head exploded as well as my need to stuff crap in my pie hole.

I’m riding with it…not getting too upset with myself but upset enough not to continue the cycle.

I ran Monday and Thursday and I am really loving it again. I look forward to the “me” time, pushing myself and I’m feeling stronger after every run. I’m not training for anything in particular just enjoying the exercise.

With launch today I am anticipating my schedule will be freed up considerably, without as many distractions, because there are always distractions (refer to double ear infection above) and I can get back to a regularly scheduled lifting and running program.

At L-4w I will begin again…clean eating with a balance of carbs and proteins and working my hiney off…literally. I’m stepping it up a notch now we are in the home stretch.

Off to see my boys launch! God speed ATLANTIS!

Just I’m back from Mission Control and a picture perfect launch, the only thing better would have been to see it in person. My work here is done.

Recap of week 5’s goals:

•12 oz of water with EVERY meal – FAIL
•Carb delete successfully – WIN, down 6.
•Fuel up before working out – PERHAPS? I seriously don’t remember and I didn’t work out last week because of the deplete but I haven’t been feeling nauseous after my runs so let’s say WIN!

Goals for week 4:
•12 oz of water with every meal – (I’ve seen this one before…)
•Follow the 14 day clean eating meal plan
•Run at least 4 days and lift at least 3 days (running and lifting may happen on simultaneous days)

Alrighty…apparently I am attending a post launch happy hour. I’ve got some celebrating to do.



  1. you go girl!!! Good job with the carb deplete. I envy you that you enjoy your running time. I've been thinking of running again and I hope that it doesn't feel like a 'chore', but getting stronger like you said. And YOUR shuttle launch rocked! Congrats on that too!

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