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The scale and I had one last rendezvous this morning and success is mine! Down 2.1 and my first 10 pounds are history. Hello new outfit, nice to finally meet you. The scale and I came to an agreement that I will not weigh again until Monday morning and I promise to stay off until next Monday morning for a carb deplete week weigh-in. Let’s talk about carb deplete…

With 7 weeks till my event, I am not thrilled with the rate of weight loss so I’m going to mix things up. I went back and logged the food that eat regularly and I found that I’m not doing a good job balancing my carbs and proteins, my carb numbers are way too high.

As a result I’m going to start a carb deplete week next week and begin the “Crack the Fat Loss Code” way of eating. Last time I had minimal success…I lost successfully the first two weeks then failed miserably. I’m in a better place now with my eating and I’m very confident that this will be just what I need to get me back on target.

Something I learned today…I cannot do upper body then go run 3 miles worth a flip if I haven’t fueled my body properly. Talk about ZERO energy. My 3 mile run turned into mostly a ½ walk ½ run. It was a tough one. Protein shake from now on…I’m going to have to set a daily reminder for the future.

Something else I learned today…BOTH training wheels are going back on. I am SOOO not ready for 3:1’s. But I do know I am ready for a change so it’s 1:5:1.5 for me. I’ll report next week how that worked out.

Report on my goals announced on week 10 for week 9:

• Morning workouts all week – NOPE! But I have been doing them in the evenings or during lunch when time permits. This seems to work and I don’t have to go to bed at 8p to get my 7 hours in.

• Fruit and beef jerky late afternoon snack – NOPE! But I have been eating a Luna bar and drinking 24 oz of water on the way home from work…this seems to have helped.

•12 oz of water with EVERY meal – NOPE! No buts…haven’t done it.

So…goals for week 6:

•12 oz of water with EVERY meal
•Carb Deplete successfully
•Fuel up before working out

Good luck to all the weight warriors out there…keep up the good work.


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