L-9 and L-8 Weeks

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EEEk…I’m so behind. Whatev, not gonna dwell on it. I’ll sum up the last two weeks…FRUSTRATING!! Net loss is .5 with a total loss of 7.8. URGH! I STILL haven’t gotten to wear my new outfit. BUT…I’ve lost (glass half full baby!)

So…my scale and I are NOT friends anymore. It’s not you…it’s me. We need some space, a trial separation if you will. That’s all I can offer right now. How about we meet up again on June 1st and see if we can salvage this thing…deal!

The numbers are stagnant I’m starting to play mental games by over thinking, adding unnecessary pressure and rationalizing ways to get the numbers down and then I’m a big o ball of stress and really think about giving up. (This is so much harder than it used to be…Getting old sucks!)

As frustrating as it is watching the scale go back and forth 1-2 lbs I am noticing changes in all the right places AND some wrong places too…by the way…If you happen to come across my boobs please tell them I miss them and they are welcome to come back but the extra lbs are not welcome.

My scale is the target of my wrath but it doesn’t feed me or work out for me…I am responsible and suck it up WAYNE…I need to manage my time better to allow myself to workout. Food wise…although I’m eating the right stuff…I’m thinking portion sizes are doing me in and with 8 weeks to go I am really…for reals cutting back my cheat day to a single cheat meal (I think I said that a few weeks ago but I never followed through). According to my scale I am staying on track throughout the week and losing quite nicely then on Saturday, my cheat day, I eat whatever I want…gain 5 lbs and spend the rest of the week taking it off. NOPE!

Jodie convinced me to start running again and oh how I’ve missed thee. I’m starting slow as to not injure myself…not getting younger and one wrong twist and my back is out for a month…did I mention getting old sucks!! I’m doing the C25K program to get me back up to speed…HA! (Did you see what I did there?) It’s been a perfect start, distance wise I go about 3 miles with 1:1.5 intervals. I’ve done that for a couple of weeks and I’m ready to move to 3:1. I find myself almost sprinting (well…sprinting in my book) with the 1:1.5 intervals and I would like to take the training wheels off…perhaps just one wheel and see where I stand.

For those toe grippers out there…I’m WAY BAD. My first run I didn’t have my toe condoms on and holy sore pointer toes…is there a name for your second toe next to your big toe? Ok, so they are not toe condoms they are Digital Caps and you can find them at any Walgreens or CVS. I use these and I seriously cannot run without them. When I was training for my ½ marathon I lost a toenail before I realized what was going on. I thought it was because my shoes were too small…NOPE…I’m a gripper.

It looks like we are California bound the end of June! WOOT! My hubby’s fam lives in San Diego and although the reunion spurred my motivation to get fit again, Cali is now my motivation to work harder…there are BEACHES in San Diego and lots of FIT people and I have summer dresses that desperately need to be displayed on a FIT body…MY FIT BODY.

Last year we went to visit the fam and the hubby and I took a side trip to Vegas and let’s just say I wasn’t in the best shape. HA! (Understatement) Some of those pictures are just gross and I’m not up for a repeat this year.

My pre-flight work for STS-132 is slowing down and time will again be on my side…barring any unforeseen incidents…who am I kidding there are always incidents.

I’ve had a great experience with this crew. They are a fun group of guys and they have really made my job incredibly easy. May 14th is the last shuttle launch of Atlantis. To show you how fun they are…check out their flight poster. Yeah…that’s right…the Juice Box baby! If you blow up the pix I’m in the orange circle…small I know.

Keep your glass half full…I’m out..

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