L-10 Weeks

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I’ll get straight to the weigh in…. 1.2 lbs…WOOT! I’m 2.6 lbs closer to my new cutie patootie spring outfit in celebration of my 10 lb loss. Of course I’m not there yet so it’s still taunting me in my closet.

Jodie and I were walking during our lunch break the other day and I confessed to her I was a slave to my scale. I’m truly obsessed. Seriously…I need an intervention. I am weighing before bed, in the morning, before I workout, after I workout. I know why I’m doing it…seeing that needle move (totally old school) number decrease is giving me validation that I’m moving toward my goal. Luckily I don’t get depressed when I see a number bigger than I expected, I use it as motivation to figure out what I did wrong and make better choices the next time around. Seems to be working for me right now….I will agree…if at any point I become depressed and want to give up and stuff my face full of cheetoes then I will chunk the scale for the duration. Agreed?

Workouts for the week are not happening on schedule…meaning I’m doubling up on cardio/weight training because I’m missing days. This could be easily remedied if I would do my workouts in the morning. So…there is a goal for week 9… workouts in the AM!

I’m doing well in the food dept…no crazy cravings. (Wait…I did remember I had a handful of chips last night after work…I was STARVING). Chips are my nemesis. Never fear they are gone and will NOT be replaced. The afternoon after work and before dinner I seem to be way hungry and struggling and grabbing whatever is available. This weekend I am going to have more fruit and beef jerky in the house. I just need something to tide me over till dinner without ruining my appetite. Goal #2.

Let’s recap the goals for week 9:

• Morning Workouts all week
• Fruit and beef jerky for late afternoon snack
• 12 oz of water with EVERY meal

I will be interested to see my progress in the weight dept sticking to those goals.

What changes have you made that have given you the biggest results?

Have a fantabulous weekend.

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