L-11 Weeks

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What I have learned this week…FOOD Journals are critical to weight loss success. When I’m asking myself why the scale only moved a smidge to the left…left right…right? (I am SOOOO left/right dysfunctional. I was the kid that played twister with an L and R written on the back of my hand.) But I digress…

This is the first time I have committed to sticking with a food journal and to calculate my calories and more importantly my macros. I’ve begun using dailyplate.com…thanks janetha! I was using SparkPeople but I found I was going to thedailyplate to get all my nutrition info…who knew! The dailyplate also allows you to input homemade recipes and then calculate the nutritional info. I’m using it as a tool to plan my eating to guarantee I stay in my caloric/fat/carb/protein range. Way coolio!

I’m down .8 for this week. Initially I was sad it wasn’t more…but I am beginning to realize I may have expected too much to soon in the 2 lb a week dept. Regardless it is still a goal and I’m using my journal to look back and see what areas could be tweaked to give myself a better chance of making the weekly goal. Again, the looseness of my clothes is telling me I’m on the right track.

My home is where my workouts are happening…I use free weights, elliptical, bench, a weight machine and a balance ball. For the most part I’m happy with my progress with my arms…I totally hurt for a few days my workouts after but I’m thinking I’m underestimating my leg strength and not challenging myself enough.

The weather is ripe for running outside (for this month) and I’m planning on going tomorrow to renew my gym membership at work so I can have the option of running the trails and not to mention have access to the gym when I can’t make my workouts happen at home. (i.e., mix it up a bit).

Goal for next week…I’ll actually post that tomorrow since I’m sorta a week behind and the goal for next week happened last week and since last week already happened I know right now if I made it or not. 😀 (I am weighing on Wednesday’s and I didn’t post anything last week but it is only Tuesday so I’m still on last week…this week). EXACTLY!


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