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Week one on the BFL program is complete…then I had to go and screw it up over the weekend. I did great during the week, got all of my workouts in and stayed on task with food and water. I went into the early weekend planning to make Friday my cheat day since I was spending the day at the rodeo with my oldest and hello…nachos and funnel cake…and I lost all control from there…

Saturday came around and here I will list the things I could have done differently

…choose egg whites instead of three full eggs. I know this but I was just lazy when I made breakfast for the fam.

…pack food with me for ANY outing so I will not be tempted to eat what is available via fast food…even if it is one nugget and a handful of French fries…not acceptable.

…pass on the cake and chips and rice crispy treat at the birthday party…I already had my cheat day and I need to be make sure I’m not hungry or bring my own food that is within my plan.

Moving on to Sunday

…choose egg whites yet again and the waffle and ham samich can be eaten sans butter.

…Mexican food is OUT OF THE QUESTION on a non-cheat day. I am not to even consider it when asked where I want to eat for lunch.

For those reasons I lost 1 lb. I will so take that win in spite of making bad food choices. Tonight I am so going to measure because the scale may say I lost a 1lb but the clothes are saying…lost some inches and me likes! It’s regrettable I didn’t take measurements in the beginning but oh well…onwards and upwards.

This week is proving a bit tough schedule wise to get my workouts in…I did fine on Monday but new schedule challenges have come my way and mornings are going to be the only way I can get my workouts in…and Wednesdays I will carve out time to hit the gym sometime during the day.

Can’t say there is ever a dull moment around my house. Or lack of sleep…which I have to get so from now on I’ll be going to bed yesterday…every night…I’m actually sleep typing right at this moment.


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