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I have officially dusted off my copy of Body for Life (BFL) and put together a little workout plan. With 13 weeks left to the reunion I’m putting myself in a position to rock my cute little black dress.

I began at L-15 weeks giving myself a goal of losing 2 lbs per week. 30 whole pounds! Holy schmoly…I was probably at that number before I met my husband 7 years ago, maybe (I didn’t own a scale back then), but not since. And when I was just out of high school I was athletic skinny but without any muscle definition to speak of. I think it is a perfectly reasonable and attainable goal…heck…it works out on paper…but until this week the execution was sorely lacking.

Making substantial sweeping changes all at once NEVER works out for me. I can plan like no one’s business but I tend to over look the risk management phase of the planning stage. And true to form I became overwhelmed with trying to do EVERYTHING (plan, shop, and make clean meals, plan and actually execute work outs, drink water and give up ALL my bad habits regarding food) and I almost…was this close…had one hand in the cookie jar, the Mexican food jar and the cake jar …but I was able to reign myself in by remembering the bigger picture…cute little black halter dress hanging in my closet.

Thankfully, I still have time on my side and I told myself to take two weeks to get my food on track then I’m going all BFL on myself.

At L-15, by changing only my food choices – NO fast food, desserts or BBQ or MEXICAN and eating clean, for the most part, I was able to knock off an easy peasy 2.4 lbs. HOLLA…2.4 lbs without trying really…really hard!

At L-14 I continued with my clean eating plan and set goals for how I would tackle the next 12-13 weeks. I did really well up until Sunday, I’m finding the weekends are the hardest to stay on task. So here we go…

The BFL way is, in a nut shell, clean eating with portion control and a specific workout regime for 12 weeks and one day a week you can have a cheat day. I live for cheat days…but now I’ve gotta earn it. Earning it means in order for me to have a cheat MEAL…not giving myself a day, yet…I workout at least 4 days that week and one of those days must be Saturday (the day in which I will be partaking in my cheat meal). Needless to say I have not earned a cheat meal but I’m well on my way this week.

On the H2O front I’ve happened on motivation from a couple of blogs I came across…OH! Side note>>

I made a yummy clean bean soup last week and the only thing missing was corn bread…of course I only know how to make my Grandma’s yumicilious cornbread with loads of butter and sugar. I googled “clean cornbread” and happened on a blog of a woman that lives in the Woodlands, about 30 minutes from me who had an incredible weight loss journey and her blog linked to another girls blog that has had huge success on BFL. Crazy how small the internet makes the world. >>

H20, the reason I mentioned that story is because I was noticing that these ladies were drinking at a minimum a gallon of water a day. WHAT!! I gallon…I can’t even get my 8 recommended servings much less a freaking gallon…what… do these people have camel backs attached to them at all times? Then I solved the formula and made it a game…I am so competitive.

1 gallon of water = 128 ounces.

I make myself a Chai tea soy latte in the morning…al la starbucks style but only 120 calories and $5 saved. Before I can drink my tea I have to drink 30 oz of water, usually on my way in to work.

I eat breakfast at work – usually oatmeal featuring Ash’s oats of the month and before I can eat lunch I have to finish 24 oz.

At lunch I have a diet Dr. Pepper…I know not clean but at this point I’ve gone from 3-4 to 1 a day…progress…and baby steps.

After lunch I have another 24oz that must be finished before I leave for the day.

24 oz for the ride home (45 min to 1 hour).

And finally 30 oz before dinner (I originally tried before bedtime but I DESPISE getting up in the middle of the night to pee).

That’s 132 ounces people. IT CAN BE DONE.

Yesterday I managed 102 oz and I was so close I had to figure out how I can make myself WIN…I mean drink a gallon of water daily.

Yesterday’s stats were:

W: BFL Upper Body

B: 1/2c Oatmeal, walnuts, nutmeg, cinnamon and peaches, Chai Latte

L: 15 Bean soup with 1/2c of brown rice, DDP

S: Waffle, almond butter, banana (usually the other half of the one I used in my oats)

D: Ahi Tuna Burger, half a sweet potato

Water: 102 oz

That’s all I got…for today.

Keep on…keepin on.

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