L-15 weeks – 20 Year High School Reunion

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And there it is…

I worked out this morning…YAY! It so wasn’t pretty and I had to sit down because I thought I was going to throw up as I’m asking myself (Nancy Kerrigan style)…WHHHHHHYYYYYY! … (sob)…(sob)…WHHHHHHYYYYYYYY!

I know it will get better but 1. Getting up sucks it! 2. Right now I feel miserable doing it.

BUT…here comes the positive. YAY for positive!

1. I turned down Mexican for lunch; I should automatically lose 5lbs just for that alone.
2. I had a ton more energy this morning after my heart rate settled below astronomical
3. I got the kids to school on time
4. Even though it was torrential down pours this morning I still made it to work early


I have to say I’m already feeling a little twinge of soreness in my legs and that’s not a bad feeling either.

I had pumpkin oats for breakfast and I’m fixin to have a mammoth lunch of veggies, hummus and fruit (not together…that’s just gross) with a side of organic yogurt and I’m looking forward to making Asian Noodle soup for din.

I know it will get easier; I had that dialogue for 20 minutes this morning as I convinced myself to get out of bed.

Waters up!


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