NASA – Not About Space Anymore

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I’m a blog stalker. I stalk blogs mainly because I use Google Reader to keep up with my many stalkees and Reader has yet to make it painfully convenient to leave comments and introduce myself…so I lurk.

I stalk a particular person that just so happens to work in the building across the street from me. No, I didn’t purposefully seek her out…I think a friend recommended her for motivation during my running and tri aspirations.

I have been in meetings, worked console and stood in line behind my blog stalkee…it just “happens”. When I see her around campus I often times think…Hey…it’s Sarah… how is the freelance project going? You really should choose a earth tone blue color for the dining room and paint already! As I stood behind her in the cafeteria admiring her tan, shortly after her honeymoon in Belize, I wondered if Belize was as beautiful as it sounded. Stop comparing me to “Single White Female”…my hair was already brown.

Food for thought…we often times put our entire life stories into our blogs for any random person to see and isn’t it weird to think that the person in line behind you knows you are searching for a remedy to stop the biting habit of your 19th month old before he is asked to be removed from daycare? (Please leave suggestions in the comment field…I BEG YOU).

I didn’t intend this post to be about my blog obsession with Sarah…I’m not obsessed, I enjoy the way she writes and often times we share the same views…not politically, everyone has flaws. 😀

The real reason I made an appearance today was to address the life altering decision that our Government leaders made earlier this week regarding the NASA Constellation Program. I struggled most of the week trying to put my thoughts into words and it all came out in more incoherent statements than usual. (See the post below) I wanted to share Sarah’s thoughts because she sums it up nicely and I found myself surprised at how dead on our interpretation of the events are.

Unlike Sarah I am not a civil servant, I am a contractor. Although I do work for the ISS program (YAY…funding has been extended until 2020) I do not feel like my job is safe…they have to put those civil servants somewhere. I’m not sure my company will even exist with the latest decisions.

I’m all for change and restructure to utilize the best practice approach but good grief…soften the blow with a good solid vision and direction to foster hope and support. There are people associated with these decisions. Families, careers, life work and overall economics have seemingly been given no regard. Some advice…continuously answering questions with the words BOLD and AMBITIOUS does not create hope and foster change.

I’m not going down without a fight…Watch this little nugget then Write your Congressperson.

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