Like sands in the hourglass…

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“Like sands in the hourglass…these are the Days of our Lives” oh good grief. I need a day or two or month to recover from the past 30 days.

Uncertainty has the early lead in 2010 with cynicism and apathy gaining ground. Normally I’m a pretty optimistic person, I pretty much see the glass half full of lemonade when life is chunking lemons at me (OUCH…Dadgummit, STOP).

I don’t want to add to the negative dribble that seems to be constantly spewing out of the talking heads. But I wonder…is the pedestal we place these individuals on the epicenter of the world’s negativity? (Really…I’m blaming the media for the world’s negativity…how dramatic…). Is the media a reflection of the dramatics and cynicism we crave?

Do we, ourselves, do nothing but regurgitate negativity and cynicism in an attempt to be heralded more negative than the next person therefore the winner?

The point is one a question that has been asked for centuries…CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG??? Seriously…that simple…but…I have questions…

Why are people compelled to kill their follow mankind over a car, a wallet, money?

Why is it we live in a society where one is afraid to open the front door for fear or harm?

When did the pedophiles, rapist, and murders become top stories in the news on an hourly basis?

Why do people make it their life ambition to harm other people or races? What are they attempting to gain?

Why are we obsessed with celebrity? Most seem really…really…really…for reals unhappy, is that the common denominator? We measure our happiness by someone else’s trials and tribulation?

Why can’t we admit when we are wrong and move on when the facts are staring us right in the face so we can just be…? (therapy baby…therapy).

Why can’t we learn to sustain A VISION. A vision that men and women have fought for and continue to fight for, a vision that our founding fathers spelled out for each and every one of us in detail…not the white, black, pink or blue. EVERY ONE OF US…thanks to amendments we have necessarily evolved. World domination is not necessary to fix everyone’s problems…it is not up to our leaders to take on that responsibility.

When did racism become defined as only a “black thing”?

When did environmental phenomena become a lifestyle?

Are we the puppets to the puppet masters we elect to represent our communities and nation only to be trumped by the all mighty dollar…which isn’t so mighty…which may or may not be the plan of our enemy…

I don’t really know where I’m going with this…I’m frustrated with it all and find myself treading water in the swamp of sadness with Atreyu and Artax. AAAArrrrrtaaaax.

Faith (my luck dragon) will swoop in and save me from going under. I act…blessed by the gifts God has given me.

As heavy as this is…it’s out there. If you happen on this and have made it this far, ask yourself what you can do to be honest, kind, compassionate and an overall productive citizen of this world. Not a hoodlum, a murder, a cheater (in any sense), a cynic or a power hungry, moral lacking cancer on society. I’ve got kids people….

Perpetuate the positive and do the right thing, not at the expense of someone else but because it makes you genuinely happy. (Cue music…We are the World…(swaying back and forth)…we are the Children…)


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