Reunion Recap

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The hubby and I met up with Mandy and Greg and the high school cafeteria Friday night to begin the La Porte High School class of ’89 festivities. I personally thought it was a great idea to have a homecoming of sorts at the high school. We got a chance to walk the halls and wow…things have changed and I wouldn’t necessarily say for the better…in my opinion of course.

It’s been twenty years and remodeling has been done but everything looks more institutionalized. Zip ties are on the lockers, we surmised that they didn’t use those anymore, adopting the two sets of books philosophy. WHAT??? Isn’t that what half of the experience was about…relationships, sports, social clubs, and lockers, I’ll throw learning in there for good measure.

A name we recognized as we meandered through the hallowed halls was Mrs. Kicklighter. Dang…she was old when I attended that school. She did show up to the dinner, although I didn’t recognize her until later. Picture the old woman from Beetlejuice and when she smoked it would come out of her neck…yep…that’s her. Mr. Nolen was in rare form, as flamboyant as ever. Steve and Kerry Reagan were there, the cool theatre teachers.

The retired Bulldog they used to take to the football games and run it up and down the track when we scored.

After the dinner we decided to ditch the football game and head to Outriggers for the after party. As we were walking to the car La Porte scored and our fight song filled the night air. I couldn’t help but throw an L sign in the air…La Porte Dogs…or Kicks…you know…I never really knew what they said at the end of our fight song.

Outriggers was fun, we were the first group there, had a few drinks and watched as the alum filtered in…we attempted to play a game, the first one who recognized someone had to pick a person to drink. I seemed to have had the advantage facing the door.

We headed downstairs and meeted and greeted those we recognized and those that recognized us…which was at times rather challenging. Not many people from the class of ’90 came; several I know went to Classic and from what I heard the two groups met up later in the evening.

Mandy, Me, Laura Haley, Sally Boldman

Me and Mandy

All in all, from what I witnessed it was pretty tame, no drama to speak of and it was great to see some old faces and catch up with old friends. High school was such a blip on the map of life, it is laughable how we were consumed by the relationships and drama…how can kids comprehend and understand “life” and just be…get along with each other…work hard…and look forward to the future with endless possibilities. Wow…that was deep.

I made a few more facebook friends and Mandy’s (Amanda to everyone else) shawl was so popular it had its own fan page created.
It was great seeing Mandy and meeting Greg. Mandy and I haven’t hung out like that in many o years. I hope it doesn’t take us 18 more to do it again.

No…I didn’t lose ANY weight for those keeping track…oh well…I have time before my “official” to get high school skinny. On to my next endeavor…

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