EEEKK!!! Mini Reunion next week!!

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My 20 year high school reunion isn’t until next year but the class of ’89 decided to invite back all of the graduating classes from 1980-1990 to take part in their reunion. There is a bevy of activities planned for the weekend. Friday night football, dinner at the cafeteria, catered of course, and an after party at Outriggers. Saturday night is the more formal shindig at Moody Gardens in Galveston.

My oldest and dearest friend is coming in from Dallas for the reunion, she is an ‘89er. And it sounds like her sister is going to come down as well…I believe she may be an ‘84er. It looks like the hubby and I are going to attend the Friday night festivities, minus the football game.

Through the magic of Facebook I have managed to reconnect with most of the people I went to high school with and it still amazes me that most everyone looks the same, plus a few pounds and a lot less hair…both men and women. I haven’t been back to the high school since my sister graduated in ’98. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. It will be a good dress rehearsal for my official 20 next year.

Now…I just need to lose about 20 lbs in less than two weeks. LOL!

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