Balance is in progress…

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Did you think I was done? Done…done? Nope…just took an extended hiatus.

You know when your life is spinning out of control and in order to gain balance you let certain things go until you can get a handle on them again? That would be me!

I am not committing to be full fledged with daily postings, my life just isn’t that interesting and I am not running. Not that that is interesting either.

I just thought I would check in and let those that may wonder where I’ve been…or not…that I’m still around and I’ll be attempting to update my blog more regulary.

Life is going on and as you can see by my tweets sometimes I only need 140 characters or less to define said life!

Running will commence in October. Right now I’m working on…stuuuuffff and about 30 visting vehicle flights, so it is only hree but the challenges make it feel like 30. Oh…and I can’t just call them shuttle flights because that would be an incorrect statement.

Balance is in progress…stay tuned.

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