W2D3, 4, 5

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Wednesday I didn’t do a thing, moving right along to Thursday.

Thursday I attempted to run two miles but my knees had other plans. Jodie and I started out and I didn’t even make 300 meters before I had to stop and walk. It was painful; I can’t even describe the pain other than to say…it freakin hurt. I walked for half a mile, attempting many times to get it up to a jog with no luck. Finally, on the second lap I told myself I was doing this…and yeah it hurt, I took it slow and I either began to get used to the pain or it subsided after awhile but I was able to run .5 miles the entire time…with lots o pain.

I had to leave to take the boy to TaeKwondo so that cut my run, walk, waddle short.

My thought is the knee pain if from shredding but my own fault, not that of the workout itself. POOR FORM. I noticed at the end of my workout on Tuesday I was really…really tired and I was just pushing through and I know my form sucked it. And…yes it did and my knees are telling me so.

I am going to take Friday off…also because I think I’m trying to shake off a cold or some kind of ailment, my body was aching last night and this morning.

I’ll get back at the shredding on Saturday morning; I’m also going to move up to level 2. Here’s hopin it all works out.

Have a good weekend, may the wind be at your back.


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