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I shredded last evening, it is getting so much easier, my knees are hurting a bit today though, not sure what that is all about, they are prolly just sore from kicking myself in the butt…a lot. I blame Jullian.

A cold front came through and it is windy and 50 so me no runny today. I know you guys up North are telling me to shut it right now…I get it. Suck it up…right. Nope! I don’t have the gear…and just wait until Summer when it 150% humidity and I’m swimming through my run half naked, I’ve got plenty of gear for that…perhaps too much. It all evens out.

On tap for this evening…after my I get my do done will be more shredding. This will be my last workout on level 1. Sniff…sniff. I graduate to level 2 tomorrow, I hope I am worthy.

Oh…and my youngest better figure out how to sleep through the night EVERYNIGHT cause momma is not wide awake at 2 am as no living human being should be. Learn it…love it…DO IT! For goodness sakes…I’m begging.

That’s all I got. Nothing earthshattering.


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