W2D1 – Week 1 results

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Here are the numbers:

Starting Weight: 167
Waist: 32.5
Hips: 38
Right Thigh: 23
Left Thigh: 24
Right Calf: 14.5
Left Calf: 15
Right Arm: 12.5
Left Arm: 12.5
Neck: 13.5

Starting Weight: – 2.2
Waist: – 1.0
Hips: – 1.0
Right Thigh: 0.0
Left Thigh: – 0.5
Right Calf: + 0.5
Left Calf: 0.0
Right Arm: – 0.5
Left Arm: 0.0
Neck: + 0.5

So there ya go…I love seeing all those negatives.

Yesterday I forgot my running shoes so I went home and Shredded. I think I’m just about ready to move up to level 2. One more workout tonight should do it. I’ve been using 5 lb weights and I’m even thinking I’m ready to move up to 7.5, in some of the exercising that is. The lateral raises are still tough with the 5lbers so I may have to switch back and forth. Who knows…Level 2 may kick my butt so bad I stay with the 5s.

Overall I’m happy with the results so far…I need to keep my eating in check and I just think about how many more numbers will fall off if I did it every day. Still working on that.

This evening I will be shredding late since I didn’t get my ass out of bed this morning. I was teerd and I love sleep. Sleep…sleep…sleep.

I hope all had good results their first week of the challenge. Keep it up…after this week we are all halfway there.


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