W1D5 – D7

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Still shredding, albeit not as often as I would like but such is life. No…really…life so gets in the way of working out. Seriously…could you just be mindful of my schedule please?

Last week I ran 2 miles on Thursday and attempted 3 on Friday but only made 2. You don’t even know how bad of an attitude I had on Friday. I was struggling from the push of the button on the stop watch. Unfortunately I let my attitude win and stopped at 2. I just wasn’t feeling it and the thought of making two more laps around the 800 meter trail was too much for me to handle, on that day.

I was proud of myself that I didn’t go home and wallow in whatever carboliscous thing I could stuff in my pie hole. I had my EZ pizza, which I’m loving and could eat every night. Come to think about it…I think I have.

I didn’t shred on Friday but I did Saturday morning while the hubby and the boy went to karate. Monkey went down for his morning nap and I got a ton of stuff done, it felt good.

Saturday I managed to stay on track food wise but I got derailed on Sunday. Not crazy or anything I can’t recover from, just a few bad habits I’ve picked up along the way that I fell back into. Such as…getting my lunch from McyD’s, it’s only a hamburger happy meal so at least I’m not talking super size me on anything, it could always be worse but nonetheless it is a bad habit. Did I mention I got a chocolate chip cookie too? No, well, normally I have two; I gave the other to the boy. Also, I had cereal after din, but only about half of what I used to eat.

So I consider it a win that I wasn’t as bad as I could have been but I know I need to oust those habits altogether because none of it is “clean”.

I got my three workouts in for the week, barely. I did run 4 times this week, one more than last week. So I’m content…I did much more exercising than I did the previous week and that my friends is progress.

I’m happy to report my hubby is still shredding too and when he is done I kind find him cussing Jillian for the soreness he feelis throughout his body. It’s cute. I guess he told is business partner how tough it was he went out and got a copy.

I’m still doing level one, I’ve read several reviews that mentioned peeps stayed on each level for 10 days. I guess I better get to shredding more frequently if I want to successfully reach level two by WEDNESDAY. Holy cow! I guess I’ll be shredding Monday and Tuesday fo sho.

Next entry will include the numbers from last week and the beginning of this week. All I can tell you is I have good news!

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