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This scence took place this morning as I was dropping my boys off at school:

Me: Well monkey is a happy boy this morning…(to Bug) are your a happy boy this morning?

Bug: I’d be alot happier if you weren’t asking me all these questions.

I just stood there with my mouth gaping open…this sass from a 4.5 year old. When I eventually caught my snap and picked my chin up off the ground I began to struggle with losing it in anger or laughing it off in admiration.

I chose the latter thinking to myself…good one…impressive.

Not a good sign of what is to come…is it? I also told myself if I blow up he will have even more ammo to use against me when he wants to see if he can spin me up.

Yeah…I know the game…and I consider myself a formidable player. Watch it son.

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