Challenge W1D4

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Fessing up…I didn’t exercise at all yesterday and I don’t feel that bad about it. I’m trying to learn the best way to get it the Shredding and running all in and I think I’ve got it down.

This morning I got up at 5a (thankfully the monkey has been sleeping through the night) and I shredded. You know I’ve only done it one other time but this time was a bit easier. That’s way exciting. So, even though it sucked getting up early, it really wasn’t that much earlier than when I have to get up with the baby, I felt and feel better for it. So…the hubby and decided to work it out and coordinate our times.

I’m running after work, 2 miles this afternoon, before I meet the boys for Teakwondo. I had the boy’s patches sewn on his jacket, I’m so proud of my bug!! The running should take care of the sushi I had for lunch. There are worse things people AND I didn’t use as much soy as I normally do, so I’m happy I cut back on the sodium. I’ll mention that had the fortune cookies (2)…oops.

I am admitting that I have been weighing myself daily…ok…who am I kidding once in the morning and once at night…and someone has been losing lbs!! I’ll report the official number on Monday.

I hope everyone is sticking with their challenge! Keep it up! It’s 76 and sunny in H-town…a good reminder that bathing suit weather is just around the corner.


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