Challenge W1D3

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Technically if you are following along I am reporting on Tuesday’s activity so it’s really a W1D2 report…it’s all semantics.

Yesterday I busted out a big 3 miles, 3×1 style in 35:33. Not too bad for an out of shape white girl. I was fighting with my ear buds a few times so I know that slowed me down a bit. All in all everything felt good, I can tell my body is remembering what it was like to run miles and it seems happy.

I got out to the track a bit later than I wanted therefore I finished later, stopped for gas and ran by the alterations place so they could sew patches on the boy’s TaeKwondo jacket before Thursday’s class; which equates to not getting home until almost 6:30, frick.

We tagged teamed getting the kids fed, bathed and off to bed and it is 8:30 before I can figure out what I need to get done the rest of the evening, I still haven’t eaten or Shredded and the house needs to be picked up for our house cleaner coming on Wednesday…and yes, I know I am blessed to have this luxury and I would sacrifice many other luxuries in order to hold on to her…she’s awesome. Bottom line I decided to go ahead and eat my EZ pizza and call it a night. My thought was that I would try and Shred in the morning.

No getty uppy this morning so I’ll use my allocated running time to Shred today, yesterday’s rest day will be today then I’ll pick back up Thursday and Friday. I need to get my ASS out of bed; nights are too hectic to expect to get in a run and Shred. I’ll coordinate with the hubster so we can plan a schedule for working out in the mornings.

Gotta have friends…two of them told me today that my waist looked smaller. I can attribute that to two things…a great pair of black pants I found at Target and I’m not bloated from the crap I was eating prior to this week. Three days does make a difference and its reflecting on the scale (yeah…can’t help it…my name is Sandy and I’m a daily scale watcher). Is there a twelve step for that?

That’s all I got for now…I’m out.

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