Weekend recap

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What a great Saturday. The boy had a friend join him at Tae Kwon Do and they were so excited. The boy is a natural leader. The instructor had to tell him on more than one occasion to let him direct his friend instead of the boy doing it. TOO CUTE. He got his “V” patch (as in vistor) so I’ll take his jacket to get his patches and stars sewn on before Thursday.

The weather was beautiful; stuff got accomplished around the house, well, technically the garage, stuff got thrown away, stored in the attic and hey look…there is that extra 5 feet we had added on to the back, I was wondering where we put that.

The boy occupied himself by playing in the back yard most, if not all day. We ended the evening roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire pit and we all had dinner out on the back patio, even the baby, while music filtered through the speakers and out into the cool night air. Best of all…the TV was not on ALL. DAY. I love our patio, I can’t wait to get it in “entertaining shape”.

Sunday we stopped by my Granny’s house to open up the last of the Christmas gifts. Both boys were great and Granny and Papa just loved them up. I’ll post pix in the next few days.

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