Challenge W1D1

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I’m very excited to begin the “shredding” challenge today. By
shredding I mean working out to Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. I am already struggling with getting up in the AM to workout; I’m going to have to resign to the fact that it may be 9pm before I can get my workout in. The baby still isn’t sleeping through the night consistantly and momma needs her sleep. As long as it happens…right? I’ll try it on tonight and see how it fits.

I’ll take my measurements tonight, should have done that this morning but the both boys got up early I barely had enough time to get my running bag packed. Should have done it the night before.

As far as the eats goes…I’m going clean and portion control. I’ll factor in what I know, eat a protein at every meal, control portions and NO SWEETS. The carbs I will limit to one or two a day, I’m not going to go through an entire deplete week so in essense I will use the “Crack the Fat Loss Code” as a baseline but I’m not going hardcore on following the program exactly. I’ll report my experience and of course the numbers won’t lie.

Inches will be the name of the game for this challenge as the scale can be deflating (or inflating). I will of course weigh myself but I’m hoping I can keep it down to once a week (who am I kidding). No really…if the inches are melting I don’t care if the scale is fluctuating 5 pounds in either direction. It’s about being lean.

The weather is absolutely beautiful today and I am thinking about taking advantage of it during lunch to get a quick 2 in as the schedule calls for. Heck I may even get ambitious and bump it to three. What schedule you say? Nothing that I’m prepping for specifically, it just helps to have a schedule and if a race or two pops up that suits my fancy I’ll run it by the hubby and sign up, staying ahead of the curve this year. Acting instead of reacting…that one of my many changes for the year.

So…that’s the plan for the next 30 days. Wish me luck. Oh…and I’m keeping tabs on my competition and just so you know…I’m ultra competitive. YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA! There ya go…the gauntlet has been laid down!

See ya at the finish line.

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