Week 2 of 2009

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Week 2 went much better than week 1. I RAN! Not once, not twice but THREE times. Jodie kicked my butt with yesterday’s run and we shaved an entire minute off our previous time. I felt it though. That’s what I like about running with someone and especially Jod…I know we will push each other, her usually more than me and I’ll drop dead before I stop. It’s that competitive thing we got going…but not in a bad way.

Next week I begin this challenge. Santa brought me Jillian’s 30 Day Shred for Christmas (because I asked not because he was dropping hints) and I was going to start it hard core on Monday anyways so perfect timing, beginning Monday I will post my progress and list my thoughts of the program daily. I can do this for 30 days but I absolutely HAVE to figure out how to work out in the morning since I’m doing my cardio in the afternoons. I’ll have to think about that this weekend and let you know what the hubby and I figure out. Here’s to shredding…

Weekend plans…the hubby put together my fire pit Santa brought AND he bought some wood so I’m thinking roasted hot dogs and marshmallows tomorrow night. The boy will so love that. I have the greatest Hubby evar! We will also stop by my Granny’s house and do Christmas…I guess I have to finish up the gifts. Slacker I know.

Looks like it will be busy and productive. I’ll be glad to spend time with the fam. During the week the time just seems to get shorter and shorter. Life…I know.

For all those peeps running in the Houston Chevron Marathon and the Aramco Half I’ll be thinking about ya…weather looks to be perfect, may you all PR.


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