Week 1 of 2009

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First full week of 2009 in the books.


I was sick the entire week. Sick, sick. I’m thinking I had the flu but a mild case since I had gotten a flu shot.

I ended up losing 2lbs, from the non eating instead of the eating right. Needless to say I didn’t get to do any of the excerise I had planned. I will start again this Monday. Weather is going to be nice and cool all week. Looking forward to getting out and enjoying it for a change.

The fam went to Whole Foods this morning. I LOVE…LOVE Whole Foods. I could stay at that store for hours and find the coolest yummiest things that are so healthy. The hubby and I talked about going once a month to get the stuff we absolutely need for “clean eating” meaning the stuff we can’t find at HEB.

I made Moroccan Chicken with wild rice for din the other night. It was pretty good and I’ll make it again but perhaps add a bit more salt.

I’m still following and cheer on all you “crackers” even though I’m going to follow a different plan, it’s not all that different except for the carb deplete. We’re still in this together.

Oh yeah…still working on those resolutions…

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