It's a New Year…

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It’s a New Year…we rang in the New Year with our neighbors. It was pretty low key, didn’t even drink that much. We had fun and I’m glad we went. I love our neighbors.

The New Year brings new goals, both personal and for the family. I’m still working on an “official” list so I can gauge my progress this time next year.

First an foremost the working out and eating thing is fo sho. Starting one and stopping the other. Of course not stopping eating entirely, then I would die but doing it right. Eating CLEAN. I’ve got a plan and I’m sticking to it. On February 5th I will give a full report of what I did and my progress, I’m not doing it now in an effort to prevent making sweeping statements that I’ve made so many times before.

My initial plan is to work out in the morning with weight training and do cardio in the afternoon at work. The cardio will be slow going at first since I’ve done no kind of running, except to the fridge the last six months. I can’t wait to get back out there. I’ve got my lunch made for the week and the hubby and I have already planned dinner for tomorrow. I will pack my bag tonight with my running clothes. That’s right…you heard me…RUNNING clothes.

I’ve got a lot of things swimming in my head that I want to accomplish this year but I would like to give them a bit more thought before I actually put them in print and make them final.

Good luck and much encouragement to all that have made their goals this year!

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