Girly Trip – 2008

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That’s right…we finally had a girl trip! It was only a day…baby steps…baby steps. Nic, Jod, Mel and I headed out to Austin for the day in search of glass for Nic, saving on shipping costs of course.

We left Houston about 5 am and arrived in Austin shortly after 8, the glass shop we were visiting didn’t open until 10 so we stopped off at Target, Christmas was 75% off and they had 7.5 prelit Christmas trees for $75. SCORE. I’ve been wanting a prelit for the last three years now but we couldn’t really justify spending the money when we had a perfectly good tree now. The hubby said if I get one for under $89. Then I could get one. DONE! Only problem, it wouldn’t fit in my Highlander. Ooops. I almost took it back but we decided to strap to the roof instead. Oh we have pics…

After we got the tree secure we headed to the glass store in Georgetown and we had so much fun. The store had an amazing selection and the ladies were so very nice. I’ll have to get the name of the store so I can post a link here. Anyway after three hours and lunch at Wildfire’s right next door and quite a bit of moolah later we were off to the outlet stores.

My favorite store in the entire world, White House/Black Market had a store in the outlet center and they were having an AMAZING sale. I got three capris and three shirts all for just over $100, the entire purchase would have been almost $400 at regular price. I’m very happy about my purchase.

We stopped by another glass shop in Austin Helios and the owner was fantabulous. He was very helpful and happy to share many of the techniques used to create the pieces we saw throughout his store.

Finally, last stop was dinner at Reals, a scrumptious little Italian restaurant owned by ‘Gino’. If you are ever in Austin…GO.

I was paranoid about the Christmas tree and peeps stealing it…I even sat in the car at one point because I didn’t want to take it off the roof…yet again and two guys were totally eyeing my tree.

We made it home around midnight. It was a long trip but it was totally what I needed to recharge the ole batteries.

Thanks to the hubby and Mema for taking care of the boys.

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