Christmas 2008

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I’ve been dark for almost a month now…no reason in particular except time, there isn’t any. So…I’m here, in the New Year starting anew. I was pretty consumed with pregnancy last year and I didn’t make any “official” resolutions other than to have a healthy, happy baby. Done and done.

The last month has been busy with Christmas and family in town. The hubby’s mom was in town for 10 days in December. She hasn’t seen the boys since June and she was very excited. She couldn’t believe how much the baby had grown.

I worked until the day before Christmas Eve, it wasn’t too bad, it was very quiet and I actually got ahead, I didn’t get totally organized so I’m thinking I’ll do that tomorrow before I jump into work, shouldn’t be too bad.

On a sad note, my office mate and one of my bestest friends EVER has changed positions and will be relocated into another building, sad. Funny story, originally she didn’t want to be my office mate, she even went to management to request that I be moved, which they did, to my other bestest friends office…lol. It backfired because they eventually moved me back into her office about 5 years ago. Anywho our desks face each other and it going to be sad looking up and seeing emptiness there. Thankfully she is an IM or a walk away. I will miss her…just being there.

Christmas was great. Mema was here for the monkey’s first Christmas and the boys had a great time. If you recall I mentioned before we were going to scale WAY back…yeah that didn’t happen, as you can tell in this picture.

Santa was good to me I got my air compressor I wanted. Yes, I’m a girl and wanted an air compressor, mainly to manage the air pressure in my tires. I HATE going to the gas station to do it. For one thing I’m paranoid of the gas station. At any moment someone is going to car jack me, smash my window and steal my purse and heaven forbid the kids are with me…I’m a nervous wreck. So now I have my air compressor and I can air things up in the comfort of my own garage, if they only had a pink one…

Santa also delivered a fire pit. WHOO HOO!! I so wanted one. I have a vision of a seating area out back complete with a fire pit. As a bonus Santa found one that converts into a table during the summer…can’t wait to fire it up!

We had ham for dinner but nothing formal and after a late night, early morning and opening presents pretty much the entire day we all went to bed early.

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