Hurricanes and Snow…oh My

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Three months ago we were prepping for a hurricane, today we’re all sharing snow stories. A freak and I mean freak snow storm hit Houston last night, 2-3 inches in fact, it was almost 80 the day before…is that crazy or what? When I picked up the kids from school it was starting, the boy and I caught snowflakes on our tongues. The weather report was the snow would not accumulate so we went home and stayed warm. Around 2.5 hours later I glance out the front door and this is what I saw!

The boy was snug in his bed and I ran upstairs and carried all 50 lbs of him down stairs and opened the door so he could see, I thought he would immediately wake up and want to play, I was hoping anyway. Well…said boy pulled his jammie shirt down and said he was cold and snuggled up under my chin. I asked him if he wanted to go play in the snow or go back to bed…he chose bed.

So…this morning when we were on our way to school he was running around in the backyard screeching. I plunked the baby down in the middle of the grass (yes in his car seat, all snug as a bug) and had the boy pose beside him to at least document there was snow.

At school he was hoping they would get to go outside and play, I gave him my gloves I keep in my jacket pocket just in case.

Something interesting…my first Christmas it snowed, I have a pic somewhere of my Dad and I standing next to a snowman he and my mom made. The boy’s first Christmas in 2004 it snowed on Christmas Eve and the monkey’s first Christmas is snowed…A BUNCH. Weird.

The boy was sad he missed the snow, he told me he really wanted to make a snow angel. I told him we would go to a place one day where there is snow as far as the eye can see. Hmmm…may have to ask Dad what we have planned next Christmas. Christmas in the Rockies sounds mighty fine.

Oh…it took me 2 hours to get to work this morning…I had to take the tunnel that I didn’t know how to get to…yes, I’ve lived here all my life. I work on the other side of the ship channel and it was rather “challenging” to get to work. On the positive side…I now have an “ice route” to work.

I hope all of the Houston peeps had fun last night…don’t blink it will be 80 soon enough.

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