Light Em Up!

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All set for the shuttle launch tonight, weather looks great and my work is finally done for the flight. It seemed really painful this time around; probably because I’m trying to get used to the work thingy with two kids. Yeah…completely different with two versus the one; I’m sure you are like…well…yeah you idiot but understanding it and living it…completely different.

The last couple of weeks have been rather trying on the kid front, between the boy’s stitches, my being sick, an abrupt change in schools for the boy and the monkey getting sick, I’m hanging on to that bottom rung. Well…I was last week. I am doing better this week as it has turned out to be a nominal week (notice I didn’t say normal) and I didn’t have any ‘emergencies’ to tend to.

I finished up Viv’s challenge. Can I get a…hey yo! I finished 5th in the competition and I can’t thank her enough for organizing this motivational gem. The last couple of weeks were tough emotionally so I didn’t do as well as I could have, no excuses though, I’m happy with my result. By the next time I’m hoping to be deep…deep in an exercise routine.

Ahhh…an exercise routine, that is the one thing that I have not figured out how to happen as of yet. I get up at 5ish…ok 5:30 and get home at 6 after picking up the kids. Once home I feed the baby and get him to bed while the hubby tends to the boy and gets him to bed. I finish up around 8 only then do I eat dinner, talk with the hubby a bit and get ready for bed by 10. SOMEWHERE in there I absolutely have to get in exercise. I know it will happen, it may be at 9 pm but I just need to make a commitment to myself and DO IT! I totally miss getting my run on and reading all the blogs I stalk…I mean follow… is getting me more and more ancy to start.

One last nugget of info that I have to share…Non Fat PUMPKIN CHAI LATTE! That right there is a Venti bit of heaven in a cup. Jodie mentioned they had Pumpkin Latte’s at Starbucks so I thought I would cruise on over and try one in my Chai Latte.

First of all when I ordered the guy kept asking if I wanted to add a shot of expresso…uh…no. Coffee sucks. I was concerned what I was going to end up with, especially when I drove around to the window and I saw three faces staring at me in awe. I just look up at them like…what…am I dressed? Check. Then the worst thought ever…I’m a Starbuck’s nerd!! As in…a loser because I don’t go there enough to know how to order…great…more anxiety society is projecting on peeps.

The guy that took my order speaks and asks me where did I get the notion that I could put pumpkin flavoring in a chai latte? I freeze up…and quickly say…I’ve never had it…my friend told me about it…so I ordered it. (like I did something wrong…what the heck was wrong with me?)

He then told me that he was intrigued by my order and he would have to check that out and the two other minions shook their head in unison…yeah…man. Looky there…I’m cool again. Finally.

One more thing…mama went to the Flamingo party last weekend. Let’s just say I sang karaoke for the first time…EVER…in my life…with a side of liquid nerves. Good times my friends…good times.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the COLD weather…light em up! (Fireplaces people…fireplaces).

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