Halloween – 2008

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I think the events over the past week have taken its toll on everyone, even the boy. Halloween ended up being low key. The costume he chose was Optimus Prime and for the Monkey’s first Halloween we was…a monkey. They were both too cute. We made it out the door about 6:45 and the mosquitoes almost carried the baby away. At one point I attempted to bribe a swarm of them with candy but they were having none of it. Most of our neighbors were not home, we went to two houses on our street before the Monkey and I called it a night, he was asleep before the first house. After I put the Monkey to bed I came downstairs to find the boy and the hubby were back. He really wasn’t interested in begging for candy but he was really excited about handing it out to the trick or treaters that rang the doorbell. Thankfully Halloween as uneventful and we were all snug in our beds at a decent hour without experiencing the candy overload.

To me Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season and the stores didn’t disappoint. Christmas music was playing at Sam’s this weekend. Seriously! I am so not ready for this. But the hubby and I talked about a plan for presents for the boys. The last three years we have not been able to finish opening presents on Christmas day because there as been so many. The boy has a crapload of toys and I know there are some up there that he still hasn’t played with, almost a year later.

Here is the plan:

12 presents…one for each month of the year.
3 will be Toys
3 will be clothes
3 will be books
3 will be puzzle or something educational

Of course the boys will still get more presents from the grandparents and such but I am hoping this will reign in the over stimulation and underappreciation. Here’s hoping.

Consider yourself caught up!

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