Zoo Boo

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We just got back from Zoo Boo and it was a beautiful day. I had a minor hiccup on the way to meet the group, I rearended a truck. Seriously??? I hit them going a speedy 10mph as we were waiting for the light. I was doing something for the boy, saw the car next to me go and you guessed it…BAM! Ah…shit.

I got out and their black bumper left a few kisses on mine but nothing at all major. The kids were fine, one even slept through it. I’m just pissed I did something so stupid. They took my insurance info…just in case. Afterwards I called the hubby,he took the news better than I expected and was very glad we were okay.

The zoo was packed. All the kids were running around in their costumes. Holy cow I felt sorry for those that had the monkey, lion or bear costumes. Those lil guys looked miserable. We are home for naps now before we go to our community fall festival.

I must thank Miss Nicole for schlepping the stroller around and Miss Jodie and Mr. Bryan for helping with the boy.

Naps rock!!

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