Sum it up in three letters…C-R-A-Z-Y

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Still here but way back when I said things were going to settle down when I went back to work must have been one of those nights I didn’t get much sleep. One I can sum it up in three letters C-R-A-Z-Y…go ask Biden. In order to ease the pain of posting a novel I’m going to bullet my update…to just get it over with.

o WOE update…yes I am still crack a lackin but I hit a wall Wednesday last week, celebrating a birthday on Wednesday that was actually on Tuesday, bosses day on Thursday threw in Friday for good measure and I never recovered. Weird though I ended up at a loss for the week. Whoo hoo!

o For much needed motivation I joined Viv’s challenge. A few months ago I sat on the sidelines and I am so glad she decided to do this again. She does a great job. I need a big push before the holidays.

o Work has been C-R-A-Z-Y. I actually came back at a good time, when things are hot and heavy with flight prep. Thankfully I kept up with things while I was on leave for almost four months or I would have sunk and fast.

o Being back at work I realized that I am at a point in my life that I could have stayed home with the baby. Unlike the first go around with the boy, this time around I was totally enjoying our days and our routines together. Yeah…I said that and it’s in print.

o I NEED TO START RUNNING. With the cooler temps I’m aching for it. I drive by the jogging trail twice a day and they finally cleared all the down trees and I think to myself…one day I’m going to be out there hating that biotch. Soon…

o We took family pictures for Christmas this past weekend and the hubby had to give me perspective to calm me down. LOL…usually it is the other way around in our house. LOL…JC Penny does not equal professional photographer. Yeah…whatever.

o Jodie tagged me oh I don’t know a week, a month or so ago so here is 6 random things about RedDaisy:

1. I am OCD about my food touching…IT CAN’T, must not even come close. I am a constantly searching for designer plates that have dividers. When I can find them…that will be a most excellent day.

2. When I am eating M&M’s, the peanut ones of course. I divide them up by color, eat the odd numbered colors to make them even and finally eat them in order from least favorite to favorite color, suck on them till I crack the hard shell then suck all the chocolate off until only the peanut is left then I eat the peanut. Every time…

3. I have to shower every night before I go to bed. Even if I stayed in the house all day…shower. You hear of new moms not being able to take a shower or shave their legs…I was not one of them. It is the difference of a pleasant night sleep being clean like a bean or a crappy night sleep being all “…stick-he…I hate it when it’s stick he…”

4. My name is RedDaisy and I am a blog stalker. It is not that I don’t want to leave comments but often times I catch up on most of my blogs while feeding the Monkey before putting him to bed on my iPhone. Reading the blogs on my iPhone not putting the baby to sleep on my iPhone. I feel like in order to leave a comment it should be really great and that adds value to the topic at hand. I’m weird.

5. I absolutely didn’t want to have kids…before I had them.

6. I try and find the good in most situations and some have labeled me as a Polly Anna.

o A blog that is finally getting updated more regularly had become one of my favorite Daddy blogs. It is a man writing words of wisdom for his two sons. He is an incredible writer and I think many will be able to identify with his wisdom, struggles and insight. Peruse on over and make sure you have tissue on hand. Ok…I am a little biased but I wouldn’t suggest the effort if it wasn’t worthy of your time.

Wow…it’s already over. FAST! Now I gotta go update the kids’ newsletters, which I am behind on thanks to Mr. Ike.

Glad to be back on the radar.

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